We are blogging machines

I reunite with my fellow mate, the blogging machine!

hello friends, comrades and cherished customers. i am back from the  busy real world with a tangerine in hand ready to spill out the ever so intriguing events that happen in our studio.  Along with all the random opera/Madonna/Lady GaGa singing happening in one corner of our room due to our lovely Nadia Johnson, we are making neck pillows of our own to distribute to whom ever we see fit to give to.

We are also planning to see the extraordinary fashion couturier  Balenciaga exhibit at the De Young by the ever so famous Hamish Bowles. For those who don’t know who he is, he  created Jakie Kennedy’s style. Oh what a joy!

Furthermore we are finishing our ever so extraneous lavender harvesting. finally after many many months of harvesting we have 6 more bags left to get crack-en down on and we will be free of the harvesting. Don’t get us wrong it was pleasant while it lasted especially the smell but let’s say we’re happy to get away from the taunting lavender ingrained in our brains.  we’re ecstatic we are almost DONE! YIPPY!!!







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