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I am proud to announce that on September 23rd at 11 am, Sweet Dreams Cooperative will be joining forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International in Brunch and Swap in Style! Sweet Dreams Coop will be selling organic, recycled and upcycled products to anyone who is 21 and over attending the swap. We are so thrilled because we will be getting to promote our mission in helping the community as well as providing an expanding awareness to holistic and natural alternatives for beauty. Sweet Dreams is committed to partnering with meaningful projects and collaborators which focus on environmental, socially conscious justices. Please come to join and visit us!

Visit the links above to learn more about all the amazing things the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week is doing and buy your tickets for the Brunch and Swap above!

Finding Your Sanctuary

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I am taken aback by the pure joy and relentless energy these young girls have while working in the Sweet Dreams Co-op.  Some are just learning how to sew and others are working together on filling customer orders. There is a collective goal and optimism in this energized buzzing room. This is a place where the girls can come and focus on things other than the stressors of school and home life.  A place where learning is fun and rewarding. A place where they are always welcome to join whenever they need.

Watching the young women at work in the cooperative brings me to reminiscing about the days when I was in high school, wide eyed and eager to learn a new trait. I was around the same age when I began my journey with Sweet Dreams. In all honesty, Sweet Dreams allowed me to find my career focus in the fashion field of study.

One of the major beauties through looking around the room is the apparent diversity, in language, culture and background. In this city, San Francisco, people from all around the world and neighboring states flock to this place because there is nothing like it. San Francisco is a sanctuary for many families from all over. The amount of learning from different cultures is within every corner you turn. Let alone in the room I sit in writing this, there is a plethora of exposure to culture. This is where my sanctuary is, can you describe or visualize yours?

Comment below!

Peace of Mind Pathways

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Today I will be addressing Anxiety. I have come across many adults and children experiencing anxiety at a higher level now than ever before. Maybe we hear about it more often because the means of communication has expanded, or maybe it has surfaced to a very concerning level. Nevertheless, here are a few things that could help ease the anxiety when its triggered. The goal isn’t to eliminate anxiety completely because situations arise, however it can be managed with some steps.

1) Stay hydrated WATER, WATER, WATER!

Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated helps reduce the frequency of sudden anxiety attacks. When in a state of dehydration, anxiety kicks in due to cells relaying to the brain about the deficiency thus, leading to intense feelings of anxiety  and panic.

2) The Power of Herbs

We all know plants work wonders to keep the body at its best, in particular mint, menthol and lavender which relaxes the muscles and calms nerves. Putting these scents under the nose and taking a deep breath can relieve stressors. Drinking mint, menthol or passion flower in a form of tea can induce tranquility and help you sleep.

3) Vitamins

Adding Magnesium aids blood flow and positively affects nerve health, while vitamin B-12 and 5-HTP fuses melatonin and serotonin to quiet an over active mind and help with sleep.

4) Stay Away

Leave behind the caffeine and alcohol which dehydrates your body, increases anxiety and reduces serotonin in the brain causing depression and irritability.

5) Meditation

Being in a state of meditation allows ones breathing to slow and deepen, a technique often to relieve anxiety due to people breathing too shallow and too quickly. Excising meditation also allows for the thought process to not be consumed by anxiousness, clears the mind of clutter to allow inner peace and tranquility.

Scents to bring you back

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The sense of smell is incredible. Smell can either make you cringe or feel warm and fuzzy inside. It can take you back to memories that trigger vivid images and emotions.

Its summer here in San Francisco and the warm air is filled with the scent of wet cement, trees and ocean air. Since childhood this is what reminds me of summer. Climbing on the playground and going to the beach on class field trips is how I spent my days.

“A number of behavioral studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time” than images”-Jordan Lewis, Psychology Today.

Scientists also found that scents evoke more brain activity in areas devoted to visual vividness.

This is why taking yourself back to wonderful memories is so important for your being. For instance, as of right now the girls in the co-op are filling the lavender eye pillows, which reminds me of the time I went to a farm in Half Moon Bay to cut lavender. I can vividly take myself back to sitting on the cold dirt ground and using a machete to cut the lavender from its bush. There were several bees buzzing past me as i cut the plant, but the cacophony of sound was so calming and the lavender scent was so relaxing i forgot i was working. It was pure pleasure working on the farm at 10 am.

What scent brings you back in time? comment below we’d love to hear your stories!

-Stay dreaming Sweet Dreamers

Positivity in your life

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Life comes filled with surprises, some are expected and some are not. No matter the difficulties and the set backs, what is for certain is that the sun will rise and fall each and every day. There is a sort of comfort in knowing that what is going on in your life will pass and you can begin anew. Determination to keep on track is also key for your own success. Without a positive mind set, one can feel like they are in a rut and cant get out. There is no doubt that it is difficult to overcome obstacles that get in your way, however moving consists in putting one foot in front of the other continuously doing so until you get to where you want to end up. So on that note, be kind with one another, listen to your needs and intuition because that is whats important for your body.