The New Girls on the Block.

Atten-TION! All boot campers report to your sewing machines immediately.


Well that was a small insight to my mind as to what I think of our new members to the co-op. They were part of our sewing boot camp for the past 4 weeks and have now been promoted to Sweet Dreamers. Oh but all good things have a bittersweet side. Because of college and what not I am sad to announce that as soon as college starts I will have to leave the co-op. But on the bright side we have new members to keep the orders flowing.

We have five new girls; Aida, Samantha L.,  Susana, Paula, and Stephanie. All of them were part of our boot camp program which as I said before consisted of four intense weeks where they learned how to sew, cut fabric, and get a machine going.

And a sweet almost congrats for college we’re going on a field trip to either Fort Funston or Lake Merced. With some picnic style lunches, this will be the nicest “party” I will have been to this summer.









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