The Industrial Machine

So we didn’t necessarily work on orders today but we did improve on some basic skills. Maybe not so basic when you’re talking about those industrial machines and most people think about the industrial machine as a sweatshop instrument, but not here.

One of our recent works in progress is a vinyl every purpose bag. Now these aren’t regular vinyl bags, these are recycled vinyl bags like from the billboards you see when you’re driving down the highway while blasting some Katy Perry or The Beatles. Now when everyone sees these in the store they don’t really think about what kind of work was put into it and I am going to tell you that this was probably one of the hardest things I have had to work on. Mostly because the industrial machines compared to a regular machine speed wise is like a cheetah compared to a human. Yeah that’s how fast it is. These will be on sale soon hopefully, oh by the way they’re water proof. 😀

Finally we worked on lavender, and oooh weeee, that is some powerful lavender. I have the biggest headache right now but we have to think on the bright side, at least we have more lavender for our eye pillows and neck pillows, which by the way are also in production.

Well that’s it for today and until next week.







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