Spark SF  is an organization that works with women’s organizations around the world and improve the lives of women. These past months Spark SF women have been working with Turning Heads members with workshops to improve our business Sweet Dreams as well as our personal lives.

One of the first workshops we had was called Banking. We learned about budgeting, and smart money managing. The second workshop we had was Social Media where we talked about advertising our business on the internet by our blog and facebook. We learned about keeping our customers updated with events and sale promotions. Our third workshop was Excel which was to keep our accounting organized. We learned different formulas and made data sheets for our sales. Our fourth workshop was visioning. Visioning is looking at the future for the business and for ourselves.

Thank you to all the Spark women who helped us improve Sweet Dreams and our lives with all the new information you have taught us. All of this information this will help each one of us with our future career goals. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for listening to ours too.






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