Sweet Dreams helps with job skills!

Hello subscribers!

   Although not as fabulous, I’m Samantha (not Orisa as listed). I’m writing to give you a little insight on the roles a person from Sweet Dreams can have that has recently helped me in a new position I have taken on.

    In the financial department, I work with the lovely Orisa to regulate and calculate the hours and pay of each member. Fortunately, this experience has helped me transfer quick counting and organizational skills to improve proficiency in my new job. The financial department has also helped me become more direct. With that newly found confidence I am able to approach customers with professionalism and politeness I had not used before. Don’t get me wrong, Sweet Dreams Co-Op is no miracle fix-it cream, but it has definitely sharpened my job readiness in the experience it provides.

   Another department I am a part of is the production department. This position is one that is meant to check and facilitate over work that has been done within the span of a Co-Op session. It is also lets you see the importance of attention to detail. You can imagine the need for such a skill in a retail position (which I have recently embarked on).

   Lastly, I am responsible for calling our clients and filling in orders that they request. This has easily been the clearest  transfer of skills in knowledge of customer service and the importance of communication.

   Honestly, I didn’t think that this small Co-Op with great people and even greater products could help me gain the skills necessary to cope with the real world and all its various responsibilities. Thanks Sweet Dreams!









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