scarfing down food in 10min.

It has been a while since we’ve blogged and so to clue you in what i’ve done today i have included a fairly short yet large summary! Enjoy!

Today i had a really really good day. it all started when my teacher Mr. Archer asked me why i came to school so early ( it was late start today) and i said ” my mom drops me off fairly early in the morning!” He said “Oh” uncaringly and opened to door to his classroom. Then out of nowhere people started pouring in the class and yelling out “I GOT MY PERMISSION  SLIP MR. ARCHER” i was like “WHAT? … there’s a field trip and i didn’t know about it? oh no i got to go with you guys!”. So in a matter of minutes i got my permission slip signed and met up with Melissa at forest hill station. i got to Fort Miley  with my peers and Zip lined/ rope climbed everywhere including to the co-op, lol. Because i didn’t eat all day i ended up scarfing down a chicken, rice, and cheese taco with hot coffee, ( not the best idea but it quenched my hunger) all in under 15 minutes. Today at the co-op we are supposed to make zipper case demos and in addition we are going to have a special deal for valentine’s day!

WAHOO ready to work work and work! xoxo Orisa=>







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