Recent Projects

I was on my way to the studio from school, and it was raining lightly outside but I didn’t bother to use my umbrella since the wind was blowing one side. I came here 10 minutes before 4:30 and I sat down and relaxed awhile listening to my ipod, while listening to my co-workers interesting conversations and snacking on cheese.

So we started are meeting and we got to work.Around 5 o’ clock Richard Lee came in so Me and Nadia can start working on the new project. It is a fleece robe with a kimono style collar. When I saw the pattern pieces I felt a bit overwhelmed on how to put these pieces together and cut them. But we did really great, and it wasn’t so bad after all.

After that we started working on the inside for the neck pillow.I pretty much have the steps memorized because I was working on that the first time I started coming to the co-op. Well, right now everyone is working on harvesting the lavender. I’m going to go join them now so…good bye!







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