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Today I will be addressing Anxiety. I have come across many adults and children experiencing anxiety at a higher level now than ever before. Maybe we hear about it more often because the means of communication has expanded, or maybe it has surfaced to a very concerning level. Nevertheless, here are a few things that could help ease the anxiety when its triggered. The goal isn’t to eliminate anxiety completely because situations arise, however it can be managed with some steps.

1) Stay hydrated WATER, WATER, WATER!

Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated helps reduce the frequency of sudden anxiety attacks. When in a state of dehydration, anxiety kicks in due to cells relaying to the brain about the deficiency thus, leading to intense feelings of anxiety  and panic.

2) The Power of Herbs

We all know plants work wonders to keep the body at its best, in particular mint, menthol and lavender which relaxes the muscles and calms nerves. Putting these scents under the nose and taking a deep breath can relieve stressors. Drinking mint, menthol or passion flower in a form of tea can induce tranquility and help you sleep.

3) Vitamins

Adding Magnesium aids blood flow and positively affects nerve health, while vitamin B-12 and 5-HTP fuses melatonin and serotonin to quiet an over active mind and help with sleep.

4) Stay Away

Leave behind the caffeine and alcohol which dehydrates your body, increases anxiety and reduces serotonin in the brain causing depression and irritability.

5) Meditation

Being in a state of meditation allows ones breathing to slow and deepen, a technique often to relieve anxiety due to people breathing too shallow and too quickly. Excising meditation also allows for the thought process to not be consumed by anxiousness, clears the mind of clutter to allow inner peace and tranquility.

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