New Projects

Hello everyone!

Here at Sweet dreams we are starting to come up with new projects.

1. New Lavender eye Pillows with geometric fabric. If you love brown and green you will love these new eye pillows. In addition, we also have a new stripe fabric with gold lines.

2. Some of the Sweet Dreams ladies have been working on a collective dress. Do you all remember our collective jacket? We are now trying to make a collection made with love and creativity. We hope to show this collection to fashion designers, please cross your fingers because we sure are!

Check out an applique that was embroidered on. This applique depicts Melissa on a sewing machine the first time she came into Turning Heads our Mother organization. The dress is fully decorated with images that represent various experiences each member has had in the  Co-Op.

3. Last but not least, Jane and Sandra have been going from coffee shop to coffee shop and picking up donated Burlap coffee bags. We are hoping to develop a new and exciting project to offer to you all.

There you have it, Sweet Dreams has been busy and getting creative. Keep checking our blog to see what we make with these awsome burlap bags andsee the final product on our dress.

Sweet Dreams

Nancy M







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