Life is like a box of 500 chocolates.

So after being away for about a month at camp I came back to some wonderful news. We have an order of 500 pillows from NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship). So right now we’re trying to bust out 250 pillows by Labor Day, and we’re doing great. In about a month we’ve sewn 500 cases, filled about 300, and hand finished 236 pillows. How’s that for dedication?

So aside from our huge order of 500 pillows we also have good and bad news. Lets start with the bad news. Our  lovely Orisa F. will no longer be part of our co-op because she is off to the world of college. But on a brighter note I will be able to stay for another 5 months because my schedule just happens to be awesome that way.

On a sillier note today my sister Mariluz and I decided to lighten up the mood in the co-op by wearing kigurumis which are basically costume pajamas.  I dressed up as a cow and my sister dressed up like the spiritual character Kappa.  So yup, that pretty much sums up our day/weeks/months, you get what I mean.

OK so since we do have to bust out 250 pillows by Sept. 5th I have to get my cow self over to the pillows. 😀







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