As i got dropped off this afternoon at 12:30, i sat and waited for Jane to appear around 1:30. it was a tedious wait but none the less i was here at the studio. upon walking in i  grabbed myself  a bagel out of the freezer and defrosted it in our newly mini oven! P.S it was very delightful!

In recent up and coming t news, 12 girls from a non-profit organization called Oasis for girls is coming today at 5 o’clock  sharp. This lovely program empowers young women with their everyday lives and creates leaders their communities.

Hopefully some of these girls will be so enthralled by our sewing  program, they will join our Sweet Dreams co-operative upon completing the necessary training and replace those of us  (such as myself and others) heading off to college who can no longer attend the program.=(

We are so eager about these girls arriving, Jane and i replaced the old paper underneath  the mega mat (we all use to cut fabric on) and put clean white paper and taped it all down neatly. We even swept the floor to a notable sparkle!

Just in! Carnival is coming up soon in late May and costumes for a dance teacher at the marsh theater are needed and guess what, there is a possibility of that project falling into our hands, isn’t that exciting?Any-who that’s all the news i got so far, until next time my friends… ciao!







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    Hello there, I ran across this web site while looking for tips for blooms for a friends marriage ceremony. You’ve got wonderful pictures here. What exactly are their names it is good to find out? I’d like to make use of a few of them on my own floral arrangements. Cheers. Emily Baker

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      We use lavender flowers – we use the dried flower buds to put inside our eye pillows for a lavender scent

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