Happy New Year, Valentines Day, and MORE!

Happy New Year everybody.
Resolution: Keep Blog updated.

Hello, it’s good to be back keeping our lovely friends updated with business.

Make sure to keep an Eye out! Sweet Dream’s Yoga  Mat Bags were part of a shoot for Yoga Journal and  may be featured on the cover of their magazine. All of the members were excited to be presented with an amazing opportunity to introduce our other amazing products to the world. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Love is just around the corner. Need a present? We have the perfect thing! (heeheehee love my pick up line?)

Lavender Eye Pillows(Cotton or Satin) are still a great present. We are currently limited on our Reds. Why not gift their favorite color?

Zip Cases are always nice to have around. They are extremely convenient.

The possibilities are endless!


We would like to wish you a good New Year and a sweet Valentine’s Day.


We are here for you all.


Anything you want to hear about? Feel free to comment.









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