Finding Your Sanctuary

I am taken aback by the pure joy and relentless energy these young girls have while working in the Sweet Dreams Co-op.  Some are just learning how to sew and others are working together on filling customer orders. There is a collective goal and optimism in this energized buzzing room. This is a place where the girls can come and focus on things other than the stressors of school and home life.  A place where learning is fun and rewarding. A place where they are always welcome to join whenever they need.

Watching the young women at work in the cooperative brings me to reminiscing about the days when I was in high school, wide eyed and eager to learn a new trait. I was around the same age when I began my journey with Sweet Dreams. In all honesty, Sweet Dreams allowed me to find my career focus in the fashion field of study.

One of the major beauties through looking around the room is the apparent diversity, in language, culture and background. In this city, San Francisco, people from all around the world and neighboring states flock to this place because there is nothing like it. San Francisco is a sanctuary for many families from all over. The amount of learning from different cultures is within every corner you turn. Let alone in the room I sit in writing this, there is a plethora of exposure to culture. This is where my sanctuary is, can you describe or visualize yours?

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