A semi rainy day

Today is a on and off rainy day, resulting in a semi rainy day. Walking in the studio and getting settled to start work,  our mentors stopped us in our tracks and we had a group meeting. We talked about how now we were going to start having group meeting at the beginning of work  to discuss our agenda for the day such as: checking in with every one’s day so far, our production schedule, reports- (sales, special events, online work) and lastly discussing field trips to stores that sell our products.  Leaving us on that note, our director of sweet dreams needed to take a group picture of the hard working females that make the successful production possible.  It was actually really funny because personally i had some bad hat hair (it does that on days like these) and one of the members gave me a hair makeover which looked exactly like hers and everyone (including myself started) laughing. I decided to wear my cashmere scarf as a turban so i ended up looking like a Russian  biejita.- We had lots of fun! Our orders are shorter than usual so, today we will finish early.







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