1st Mentor Meeting

Guest Post by Nancy C.

Saturday, March 2nd, we got to meet our new mentors. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was excited to get something out of this experience. We were in a circle around the large cutting table, ready to meet the young women in front of us. We did a little ice breaker and then got one on one time with our mentors.

My mentor didn’t start with more ice breakers to break the ice and instead jumped right into trying to help me. I really appreciate that because I am not the kind of person that likes to talk about themselves and I kind of suck at ice breakers. She seemed to know what questions to ask that would get me talking which was nice because I wouldn’t have come out and asked for help on my own. Even if that’s what she’s there for. She seemed like a good listener and someone who can give me feedback on my ideas. For example, we were talking about possible majors and she thought I was on the right track on choosing accounting/ business because I’m good at math.

From what I saw, it seemed like the rest of the ladies at sweet dreams also enjoyed their new mentors because there was a lot of talking and laughing. It was pretty loud but not the annoying loud there is at school or something. The first meeting was mostly about getting to know each other and to find out what they can help us on. The next meeting will be about getting a profile on LinkedIn. My mentor told me it was like a Facebook page but more professional. It has your work experience, picture, and education background. Employers can look at your profile and see if you are right for the position they’re trying to fill.

I’m really excited for our next meeting, thanks for reading, bye.








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