Ok so, Hello everyone.

My name is Nancy and Im new to the sweet dreams co-op. I was a little afraid coming here at first, but turns out it was really easy to settle in here. Everyone has been really cool and welcoming which was greatly appreciated especially since this is my first real job ever.

I got into sewing when the Turning Heads project came to my school as seminar. I didn’t really think much of it at first but turned out to be a class i look forward to all week.My first project was a small bag-purse thing that wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be. Unfortunately it was misplaced and i never got to show it to anyone 🙁

This is my first job so i really hope i get many new skills that i can use  not just here but at other jobs or even at school P.s. I’m a senior.

So for the past couple weeks, everything has been going great and everyone is so awesome here. I hope this work vibe lives strong. P.s. kind of cool having a co worker with the same name 🙂 P.s.s. Veronica got me in here so i have her to thank ….soooo…Thanks!!

Sincerely Nancy C







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