Sweet Dreams
Big Scents, Big Dreams, Small Pillows

About Us
Sweet Dreams  exposes and trains members in the key aspects of operating a small business, using cooperative principles, and facilitating real-world experiences in entrepreneurship.  Meeting weekly, year round members participate in all aspects of Sweet Dreams including: product design, creation and packaging, material and production inventory, bookkeeping,  marketing, and sales. The young women’s handmade products include 100% organic lavender and flax seed eye pillows, yoga mat bags, aromatherapy dream pillows, rice, flax seed and lavender neck pillows and zipper cases.

Members have created a business plan, produced a commercial, blog, participated in sales events and public presentations, and conducted market research interviews.  While learning the skills needed to operate a small business, these young female entrepreneurs are successfully marketing their products to yoga studios, boutiques and retail stores in San Francisco as well as on the internet.  Lastly, all members share the profits equally.

Sweet Dreams is a project of Turning Heads Project’s Sewing and Fashion Design Program.


2012 Management Team
Samantha Sherman, Melissa Camarena, Veronica Baron, Nancy Maldonado, Mariluz Maldonado, Nancy Cervantes, Joselyn Melendez, and Madina Ott.

Contact us at: sweetdreamsproject[at]gmail.com