Positivity in your life

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Life comes filled with surprises, some are expected and some are not. No matter the difficulties and the set backs, what is for certain is that the sun will rise and fall each and every day. There is a sort of comfort in knowing that what is going on in your life will pass and you can begin anew. Determination to keep on track is also key for your own success. Without a positive mind set, one can feel like they are in a rut and cant get out. There is no doubt that it is difficult to overcome obstacles that get in your way, however moving consists in putting one foot in front of the other continuously doing so until you get to where you want to end up. So on that note, be kind with one another, listen to your needs and intuition because that is whats important for your body.


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Sweet Dreams Cooperative has been helping young women in their journey to become empowered entrepreneurs for over 10 years now. We are so proud of each and every member that has been involved and made it possible for young women to thrive in their creative en devours.

Sweet Dreams prepares young women to enter the workforce, as thoughtful leaders by providing hands-on experience in running a product-based sewing business. Participants manage all aspects of Sweet Dreams, including financial management, and production management. Sweet Dreams was developed as a complementary program to Turning Heads Sewing & Fashion, a nonprofit that teaches young women vocational sewing skills. Our vision is to develop “makers” and entrepreneurs and as a result, empower young women to define their future.

Sweet Dreams Cooperative has had much support from local businesses as well as local community members who believe in sustaining creative self growth. Due to persistence and the will to continue to thrive Sweet Dreams Cooperative has reached as far as Sacramento and Serbastopol. Check out our website!



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The use of Aromatherapy dates back to thousands of years however, the term was not coined until the 20th century.

“The Chinese may have been one of the first cultures to use aromatic plants for well-being. Their practices involved burning incense to help create harmony and balance.

Later, the Egyptians invented a rudimentary distillation machine that allowed for the crude extraction of cedarwood oil. It is also thought by some that Persia and India may have also invented crude distillation machines, but very little is known” (Julia Lawless 1995)

Aromatherapy uses plants and essential oils to alter the psychological and physical well being. When used correctly, the healing provided by the plants can benefit one tremendously. For instance, lavender has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even improve insomnia. Our Dream pillows and Eye pillows help with just that! After a hard days work or week, one just needs to unwind and placing one of these pillows over the eyes can help alleviate the stress of your day. Tell us what your favorite unwinding scent is!