Prom Night

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(The boat Madina Ott’s prom was on)

One of our Co-op members name Madina Ott just came from prom on May 18th and had a great time.  She wore a long red dress that had a crop top. It fit her body great and she says she wore it because she didn’t want anybody to have the same dress as hers.  And they didn’t. Friends and family says that she looked great and her hair was very nice also.  The prom was held at Pier 40 on a very nice boat. Madina’s date also looked great; he had a nice black suit with a red vest and black shoes. On the boat they played great music, had great food and most of all had a great group of people.


Sewing Boot Camp!!

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Guest blog post by Madina, Sweet Dreams Member.

Yeah we are starting to recruit more members for our sewing boot camp. If you or someone you know is interested in our summer boot camp please let us know!! In case your wondering our summer boot camp program is looking for girls that are the ages 12-21 years old for classes where you learn about sewing, how a business runs and how to make patterns. The classes are on Wednesdays from 4:30 – 7:30pm. It’s located in San Francisco, we are looking for girls that are interested in sewing and entrepreneurship.  IF INTERESTED PLEASE CALL (415) 552-5770.