Day THREE: Squaw Valley Retreat

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Today is our last day in Squaw Valley. We had buckwheat pancakes with fruits for breakfast today which was really good. We started this a different puzzle last night which was 500 pieces and we couldn’t complete it because of the time. Before, we really left the house we watched part of the Olympics. Then me (Veronica) and Mariluz did our final headstand in the house.

On our way back to San Francisco, we had our lunch stop in Auburn. We had sandwiches made by the ladies and yummy pie from Ikeda. The ride back home was pretty quick and we made it home safely.

A huge Thank you to all the mentors who planned this retreat! Thank you for giving us a great experience, hope to see you all again!

DAY TWO: Squaw Valley Retreat

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We woke up to delish parfait for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Commons Beach in Lake Tahoe and we strolled around the area as we spoke. We proceeded to eat a delicious vegetarian wrap for lunch. It was really hot. We did some breathing exercise, journaling, and crashed Wanderlust*. At Wanderlust we got freebies, took fun photos in a photobooth car, and had a lot of fun.  Most of us learned how to do a headstand during our yoga lesson. Taco night! Over dinner we talked several interesting topics and that was followed by natural cucumber mint avocado face masks. Then we had some girl time at the hot tub. The moon and the stars were beautiful.


L to R: Veronica, Mariluz, Samantha(me)




DAY ONE: Squaw Valley retreat.

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Today we arrived at the studio around 2:15 to get ready for our adventure to Squaw Valley. As we waited for the wise women to arrive,  we talked about our expectations about the trip. We were all very excited! A couple of minutes later they arrived. We met Chetana, Lauren, Ellen, Jennifer, and Annie who were going to be our mentors. As we were heading out of the city, we had to split the group to fit into two cars.In each car, we shared about stories about ourselves.

After 5 hours, we finally arrived to our beautiful destination. We had quinoa salad for our late dinner, after we stayed up all night playing games and solving a “100 piece puzzle” which was actually 1,000. Unfortunately, some of our members suffered in their sleep by the bunk beds.



Recent NFTE event

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NEW ITEM. Convenient clipper card holder! ONLY $10.00

Hey guys! This is our new product. They’re clipper card holders but objects around the general size of clipper card may fit inside. They super cute and they’re hand made. They’re a lot cheaper than other card holders. The outside is water proof. We have different prints of oil cloth for the card holder.

L to R: Nancy M. Mariluz M. Samantha S.

The NFTE event  was May 31st, 2012. That was a while ago but just wanted to share my experience selling at the event. At first it was really scary, I just watched Samantha, my fellow co worker, sell and talk to all the people. After waiting an hour, I received the power to attack the customers. I’ve got to say that I was truly scared when I tried to hook on the my first customer. I have done sales before this event but I’m always really bad at selling at the beginning. Over time I started to enjoy myself and I’m sure my co-workers also had fun. By the way this is Mariluz.

Here’s a couple of photos of our event. ENJOY!

Mariluz(me) showing customer how to use our fabulous LAVENDER EYE PILLOW

Nancy M. and Mariluz(me) selling a lavender eye pillow.

Samantha S. selling more pillows!


Needles and Threads outside Sweet Dreams

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Months ago I started a Facebook group called La Maquina, with a purpose to get women together for a summer sewing circle. We have done embroidery, making our own pillow cases and basic stenciling. Veronica, my co-Sweet Dreamer, has been on this with me. We are hoping to get down and creative this summer and are very excited to share pictures with our Sweet Dreams community.

sew up!