Sewing machine and car pedals need a soft touch

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My name is Nancy and I joined the Co-Op about 4-5 months ago, but it’s my first time writing a blog with Sweet Dreams.

Today I went to the DMV to take my 5th test for my 2nd permit to drive. I was embarrassed to think how many times I been there! It was embarrassing, and I was hoping that the workers at the DMV couldn’t see that on the computer when I registered. So I passed my test with 2 errors, and now I have a whole year to practice my driving.

In a way, this experience made me think about sewing, and how it takes time to get the stitch or project right…most importantly it made me realize that i need to be patient, we all learn at different paces. Everything in this life is a learning process.



At Sweet Dreams, we have bumped in to “critical errors” as it says on the driving test, for example, when we make a smaller seam allowence, have an invisible stitch that is not so invisible, cut the fabric an inch too short, or even over filling the eye pillows! Luckly here, our mentors and peers have patience with us and say something like “that’s ok, it happens!” Unlike at the DMV, where¬† its an ” I TOLD YOU LEFT!” which makes one even more nervous and prone to keep making mistakes.

The New Girls on the Block.

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Atten-TION! All boot campers report to your sewing machines immediately.


Well that was a small insight to my mind as to what I think of our new members to the co-op. They were part of our sewing boot camp for the past 4 weeks and have now been promoted to Sweet Dreamers. Oh but all good things have a bittersweet side. Because of college and what not I am sad to announce that as soon as college starts I will have to leave the co-op. But on the bright side we have new members to keep the orders flowing.

We have five new girls; Aida, Samantha L.,  Susana, Paula, and Stephanie. All of them were part of our boot camp program which as I said before consisted of four intense weeks where they learned how to sew, cut fabric, and get a machine going.

And a sweet almost congrats for college we’re going on a field trip to either Fort Funston or Lake Merced. With some picnic style lunches, this will be the nicest “party” I will have been to this summer.