Global Exchange Interview!

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So today Verenice and i went on an adventure to interview Global Exchange’s Assistant manager, Ariel . As soon as i entered the store I felt like i entered some sort of different world where traditional clashed harmoniously with modern art. There were so many artifacts that brought back the old days in el mercado.

Q: What is global exchange as a business about? What does fair trade mean? Why is fair trade important to you?
A: Global exchange is a non profit business that aims for economic & social justice. We aim for social equity, we try to make things for equal for other workers. Fair trade is doing commerce that is more equitable by purchasing their products to help them with their economical status. We also create a long lasting relationship so that they see that the work is improving the economic situation. We also make sure that they have safe work conditions, no child labor, they are able to have breaks and eat their snacks and lunches. Women can also work from their homes by taking the materials that they need and making them in the comfort of their homes and then selling it. This makes things much more flexible for the workers as opposed to the to mega stores which have their workers work all day with hardly any breaks.
Fair trade is important to me because it is fighting poverty, and helping them improve their economical situation. I also like that we keep things traditional and fair trade encourages traditional art. Like block printing, even though you can get mass amounts of that done by machine it doesn’t have that beauty that some with it if someone made it by hand. I also like that traditional art clashes harmoniously with modern art.

Q: What do you do here at the store? Have you worked in retail before? How long have you worked here? Do you like it?Why?
A: I am the assistant manager of global exchange and i check prices, check merchandise, and the boss decides what we sell. I have been working at global exchange for two years. I started wotking in retail since my freshmen year in college. Which means I’ve worked in retail for 7-10 yrs. I love working here because this isn’t a job where I have to sit in front a computer and work for hours. I get to interact with the costumers a lot.

Q: How do you decide what products to carry?
A: We decide which products by the things that we know are going to sell. Also by how, who (story), made it. What will sit next to like something that will match the vibe.

Q: How long have sweet dreams lavender eye pillows been at global exchange?
A: About two years.

Q: Why did you to choose to carry our products?
A: We’ve always been carrying eye pillows but we liked the story behind you products so that is why we chose your products.

Q: Do the pillows sell well? Who are the people (in general) who buy our eye pillows? What do you think the people like about the eye pilows? Is there a time of year that the pillows sell better?
A: Of course they sell well. We sell more during christmas for gifts. The people like how it relaxes them, they also tend to buy things such as incence and oils when they buy the eye pillow.

Q: If you were to buy and use a pillow how would you use the pillow? For what activity? And what fabric would you choose?
A: Well I already have one and I use it to relax. I have a black one. I also like purple and greens.

Q: We hand craft and sell other products-Dream pillows, zip cases, yoga mat bags,. Please look at these-are you interested in any of these? So why or why not?
A: The zip pouches are cute and modern, and the yoga mat bags add variety to the ones that we’re already selling.

Thanks so much! Sweet Dreams!

Online store updates!!

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Today as my peers and I walked into the studio, we went straight to work on the computer. Blogging  just about anything we could think of including  the new products we have just launched online a.k.a the special products that are limited edition. We posted them on our Etsy page for sale.  Now, if a loved one wants a dream pillow or yoga mat bag for their birthday you’d better not wait because they are selling out extremely fast. If you want one, the early bird catches the worm so order, order, order!!!! Thank you.

To order online, click here!

Hey everyone!!

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Today was a very busy day in the studio. We had to fill an order of 22  eye pillows, and currently our number of orders is growing immensely. The co-op members are working hard sewing and filling the eye pillows. Though I’m hard at work, I’m still having fun working with all my co-workers. Its been awhile since I have been in the co-op, since I had to leave to work elsewhere. Before I had to leave I  worked with Sweet Dreams  for two years. I started as a participant with Turning Heads in the Intro sewing class, and throughout the years I’ve made friends in the co-op. I recently came back because  I really enjoyed being here with my working buddies. One thing I have learned is that everyone gets to have new experiences. On that note, have a wonderful day and learn plenty of new things! -Maria

Business talk with Melissa

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We had a guest speaker last week named Melissa.  She is a training facilitator and works with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives.  She spoke to us about how other and bigger cooperatives work and the ins and outs of expanding our business.  She explained how some bigger cooperatives finance themselves and decide how things work.

She asked us questions such as, ” How much does Sweet Dreams produce?”, and ”How is your business advertised?”.  Melissa also gave us feedback on organization, goals, principles, fundraisers and market research.

She also told us about a youth run cooperative who is doing environmental work in their community. Overall, this was a very exciting exchange of information, and we hope to see her in the near future!

Photo shoot for the unexperienced.

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So who said that photo shoots are only for models? Well Orisa and I are certainly not models. The photo shoot took us from our studio to the streets. I guess my picture taking skills came in handy. Though unlike my camera, I couldn’t find the setting that makes the background all blurry and it makes the main object pop out. Orisa was my model for the yoga mat bags and as all you know they are quite sexy.

Orisa was also in charge of setting the scene for the sweet dreams  products. They almost looked professional and I mean, pro is like beyond an eight month experience. When Orisa was posing outside the temperature felt like it dropped 3 degrees. So poor Orisa was freezing with only her tank top and sweats on.

Cameras and lighting, not the best thing for the unexperienced.