working hard at the studio

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Lately its been pouring cats and dogs. winds speeds have been speeding off the charts and the other day my small umbrella had flipped over upward. Talk about a bad day!Luckily i was only drenched from head to toe. But do you think that would stop any of the Sweet Dreams co-op team members to come in and work? Well! if you guessed that we girls wouldn’t, you are absolutely… wrong! Of course we would come into the studio! Its our civil duty as members of the Sweet Dreams co-op to come in and give the customers what they order. We don’t take breaks, we don’t eat, we are up all day,we are up all night finishing the orders  (okay maybe i was exaggerating a little… okay i was exaggerating a bit on the big side=). So far we have been  filling several orders and one was even from New York, imagine that all the way from the other side of the continent!(Well country) Currently we are filling up orders from Etsy, Global Exchange, Scarlet sage and from an online order. Yes, we are hard at work in the studio, rain or shine.

Bubbly Bazaar Bizarre!

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Aside from the fact that it was cold, rainy, gloomy, and windy; Bazaar Bizarre was stupendous! We met some really cool people at the event; from other sellers to some really cool buyers. Yes even though it was super bad weather we had a great time at the event, the people (well most) were really interested in our products. I guess people want to relax a lot, you know the city stress.

From singing to ourselves to encouraging people to buy our products to selling our products it was all a real blast. As young adults we love to feel super independent and that is how we felt at Bazaar Bizarre. The other sellers were really friendly too, the y had really cool items for sale; like the one across from where we were, were selling toys and among those toys was a really cool octopus. (I decided to call him Mr. Octopus) There was also a stand where they were selling some really cool hats and necklaces. Oh yeah really cool hats indeed.

People also said, “I heard you guys on the radio.” Which was really really nice to hear!

At the end of the day we ended up selling $ 600 worth of merchandise! Now that is a lot of moola if you know what I mean!