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Hi, my name is Cammy.  I am 16. I go to high school. I joined Sweet Dream a year ago. It is wonderful to join this program. I learned how to sew and I also met new friends. This is my first post. We are going to try blog every week. Happy Earth Day.

Happy New Year, Valentines Day, and MORE!

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Happy New Year everybody.
Resolution: Keep Blog updated.

Hello, it’s good to be back keeping our lovely friends updated with business.

Make sure to keep an Eye out! Sweet Dream’s Yoga  Mat Bags were part of a shoot for Yoga Journal and  may be featured on the cover of their magazine. All of the members were excited to be presented with an amazing opportunity to introduce our other amazing products to the world. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Love is just around the corner. Need a present? We have the perfect thing! (heeheehee love my pick up line?)

Lavender Eye Pillows(Cotton or Satin) are still a great present. We are currently limited on our Reds. Why not gift their favorite color?

Zip Cases are always nice to have around. They are extremely convenient.

The possibilities are endless!


We would like to wish you a good New Year and a sweet Valentine’s Day.


We are here for you all.


Anything you want to hear about? Feel free to comment.



Introducing RisingLeaders Mentorship and the Program’s Impact

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Hi Everyone – I’m Jamie Lu, and I am a guest blogger on the Sweet Dreams Project’s blog! In mid-2012, I founded RisingLeaders Mentorship, in partnership with the Sweet Dreams Project, after being inspired by both my volunteer experiences at Sweet Dreams in 2011 and by the Sweet Dreams cooperative members. Rashi Kacker then joined to lead the recruitment and development efforts for the organization and since then, we’ve recruited an amazing team of committed volunteers and mentors. Jane Segal, executive director, has been wonderful in guiding RisingLeader’s development, and we would not be as successful as we are today without her support or the support of those who have provided us with funding.

You are probably wondering – what is RisingLeaders? RisingLeaders is a 100% volunteer-led organization that partners with non-profits to launch an in-person, one-on-one mentorship program. The program trains mentees, helping them develop professional and life skills. Having these skills encourages mentees to be confident and to pursue higher education, scholarships, work opportunities, and rewarding relationships. The professional and life skills complement the entrepreneurship and creative skills Sweet Dreams members gain through Turning Heads and Sweet Dreams. After months of hard work developing RisingLeaders’ framework and program, we launched a pilot program in March 2013 in partnership with Sweet Dreams.

RisingLeaders mentors and mentees meet on select Saturdays at Sweet Dream’s workshop in San Francisco’s Mission District. The group setting provides a fun, safe and collaborative environment for both mentors and mentees. Each session has a distinct theme and consists of a planned workshop hosted by one of RisingLeaders’ mentors, in addition to one-on-one meetings. So far, we’ve covered resume writing, goal-setting, drafting Linkedin profiles, defining Myers Brigg personality types, scholarship brainstorming… and we’re just getting started. We have many more exciting topics planned for the upcoming year, and we want to spread the word!

In just a few months, the results from the mentor encouragement and guidance have been incredible. For example – Melissa C. launched her very own weekly cooking blog, Nancy M. received a prestigious scholarship, and Nancy C. discovered her love for Excel and ambitions to pursue accounting as a career. These are just a few examples, and we expect to show off more exceptional achievements this coming year.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all your support!

Sweet Dreams and the Chocolate Factory

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joint post by melissa and joselyn


Hey Sweet Dreamers!Last Sunday June 9th Karen Murray Kennedy, one of Turning Heads volunteers, hosted a chocolate tasting and factory tour in order to raise awareness for Turning Heads. The event was at Charles Chocolates from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Charles Chocolates is located in the Mission District, is a widely recognized producer of fine chocolates. Also some of the mentors joined us.

First we meet there and did a little bit of delicious chocolate tasting followed by a tour of the factory. To finish off the afternoon we headed to the Turning Heads studio for brief tour. Around 10 people came to the studio and were showed the products we have. Hopefully we gain some new customers from this event.

End of Year Mentoring Celebration

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On Saturday, June 1st, we had our end of the year mentoring celebration with our mentors from Rising Leaders Mentorship Program. Through these past three months they have helped us accomplish our individual goals. One of the things that they helped all of us out with was building our resumes and our LinkedIn profiles.

In my case, my mentor and I discussed my application for the Culinary program at City College and the pros and cons of that field. She encouraged me to pursue whatever I felt comfortable with but was also neutral in her opinions. With her help I feel more motivated, organized, and focused.

In case any of you mentors are reading this, we would like to thank you for all the hard work and time you put in for us. We gained a lot from this experience and we are looking forward to whatever comes next.